Trucking, rail

    Inland transport is an important part of the logistics chain . Therefore , NINH PHUC always trying to improve the quality of inland transport services . Trucking

    The main road system in Vietnam including the highway linking the regions and provinces as well as go to the international border with Laos , Cambodia China . The entire route of Highway Vietnam is believed to have a total length of about 17,300 km . In addition to the highway , there are provincial roads , connecting the districts in the province , district roads connecting the communes in the district . The provincial roads with a total length of about 27,700 km . So very favorable for domestic freight by road .

    We provide trucking services as follows :

    - Transportation of cargo in containers .

    - Transportation of small retail

    - Transportation of super -heavy .

    From the port to the industrial parks , factories , factory in Ho Chi Minh City area , the western provinces , South East , Central Highlands , the international border : Moc Bai , Lao Bao , Lang Son , Mong Cai provinces on long routes South - Central - North .

    Rail transport

    Vietnams railway system has a total length of about 2652 km , including main roads linking Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi 1726 km long , the whole industry has 302 locomotives including freight wagons 4986 another major contributing during freight .

    We provide rail transportation services as follows :

    - Loading and unloading of goods into wagons .

    - Transport Package .

    - Transportation of rail cars dedicated breakbulk and fit of super .

    - Storage and distribution .