Report liquidity exporting raw materials for production, processing, export tax rebates

    Complete records and tax settlements in the indispensable work of every business. Ninh Phuc implementation , monitoring , and complete your business for the tax procedure and set the accounting records fully , tight , accurate and timely . Complete service accounting - financial reporting and tax settlement

    Bookkeeping system is part of the specification of the accounting profession , reflecting the actual situation of the business activities of enterprises . A tax settlement is in part shall be paid to the tax authorities of tax , reported profit business results - loss of business in a year nghiep.Vi that businesses need to find an accounting firm legal services and chief accountant qualified and capable to take accountability for the bookkeeping accounting and tax settlement with the tax authority in the agency business tax settlement .

    Work complete bookkeeping

    Accounting and bookkeeping complete with professional accounting software , including the following types of accounting records:

    - General Diaries , detailing the number of accounts , cash book , accounts receivable subsidiary ledger - to pay ...

    - The depreciation of fixed assets , - read , table import - export commodities survival , materials and products ..

    - Prepare monthly payroll and preparation of labor contracts for staff payroll .

    The job tax settlement

    NINH PHUC will establish financial reporting forms and tax finalization declaration tax software 2.5.3 HTKK of HCMC Tax Department include :

    - Balance Sheet .

    - Balance sheet amounts arising .

    - Notes to the financial statements .

    - The cash flow (as PP direct - indirect) .

    - Finalization of corporate income tax ( 03/TNDN denominator ) .

    - The results of business activities (Appendix 03 - 1A ) .

    - Summary of the state budget relations .

     I. The job content and Ninh Phuc Co., Ltd. is committed to implement :

    1 . Monthly

    - Review and check vouchers , invoices are provided .

    - Check the legality and accuracy of the economic operations , financial records arose on accounting documents , data collated information on vouchers for actual incurred .

    - Check out the vouchers from the perspective of a reasonable accounting and tax , to detect additional errors , repair time ;

    - Preparation of monthly tax returns on the basis of invoices reasonably and legally valid .

    - Report on the use of monthly bills now

    - Complete accounting and bookkeeping in accounting software .

    - Monthly notices of tax payments over time for tax reporting posts enterprises ;

    - Handling operations :

    + Update system records .

    + Control Accounts Receivable and payable , cash , deposits ,

    + Subscribe breakdown of materials , goods ,

    + Gather costs and the cost of each service , contract time

    + Top synthesis Enter - Export - Survive materials , goods , products last month

    + Depreciation of fixed assets . Payroll ;

    + Balance sheet accounts , account balances

    + Top arising balance , profit and loss , determined monthly business results .

    - Report on the financial situation of the company and provide information in a timely manner , avoiding errors , potential violations , violations of the law .

    - Consulting for businesses to take the actual costs incurred by an enterprise in accordance with reasonable expenses of tax law.

    - Representatives now explain to the tax authorities upon request ;

    - Resolve problems arising , review , rearrange documents stored at the company ;

    2 . Quarterly

    - Preparation and filing of income tax returns each quarter in corporate tax authority ;

    - Prepare and submit quarterly statistical report to the tax authority ;

    3 . Annually

    - Finalization of the use of bills .

    - Perform finalization of corporate income tax + value-added tax ;

    - Cash flow statement (direct - indirect)

    - Check the task declaration and finalization of the previous time .

    - Perform finalization , year-end financial report sent to authorities .

    - Perform finalization of financial statements as required by the authorities .

    - Register file types for the new year .

    II . Committed in the course of implementation services :

    - Ensure the accuracy of the contents ;

    - Provide legal documents related request ;

    - Guiding the relevant procedures ;

    - Free Consultation related issues ;