Customs brokerage

    Customs brokerage services and customs clearance services are carried out by the Mining Division is equipped with trained staff from foreign trade, customs and commercial savvy and regulations on foreign trade import and export of all kinds goods . Along with a good relationship with her ​​local customs in Hanoi , Hai Phong , Bac Ninh , Vinh Phuc , Phu Tho , Lang Son border gate , gate Lao Cai , Ninh Port of Ho Chi Minh ... NINH PHUC APPEAL customer service in the field of customs clearance , customs declarations quickly and most closely to the type of import and export .

    Import Export Business Type

    Type of import and export processing

    Type Export Import export production

    Type of Import Export site

    Type of temporary import for re-export , temporary export and re-import

    Type transit

    Type of investment import and export tax exemption ...

    NINH PHUC to the customer will be advised to thoroughly and adequately types of export and import , the preferential tax regimes best suited to each item . Benefits of customers based on profile import and export tariffs quickly and most reasonable .

    NINH PHUC  provides mining related work as follows :

    Prepare records

    Apply tax codes that best fit each commodity

    Permit application for the conditional goods

    Check the tax debt information

    Advice before the entire agency

    Customs declaration and electronic remote