Apptricity - software manufacturers logistics ( logistics ) for the military since 2004 - has filed a U.S. government accused of stealing thousands of copies of its software to install to the military for nearly a decade . To settle this lawsuit , the U.S. government $ 50 million to compensate for Apptricity .

    According to the lawsuit , accusing the U.S. government Apptricity software installation logistics has not been licensed in the past 10 years to 93 servers and over 9,000 military equipment . Meanwhile , the number is only 500 allowed . The fee for the license server software is U.S. $ 1.35 million and $ 5,000 for each device . Thus, the U.S. government had "misappropriated" $ 224 million to install pirated software .

    To be able to smoothly settle this lawsuit , the U.S. government must accept compensation for Apptricity than $ 50 million after it admitted troops are using multiple copies of software not licensed . The incident was brought to light when a U.S. military official " blurted out " refers to the installation program for thousands of devices in technology workshops .

    Logistics software allows the U.S. military to track the movement of troops as well as an important source of supply . It helps a lot for the relief operations , particularly in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti . The U.S. government gave no comment . Song Apptricity hopefully continue to cooperate with the government and the army after the scandal .

    U.S. officials allegedly stealing data from the internet media . But this is the first time the government sticks to scandal software piracy on a large scale . This fact was exposed when American paradox is at the forefront in combating software piracy violations to himself .

    Huong Nguyen